Pear Snacking

Pears Make the Perfect Partner for Wholesome Snacking

America’s snacking obsession is about to get fresh with portable, packable, pair-able pears!


A recent usage study commissioned by USA Pears showed that on average, pear consumers purchase six or more pears in bulk when shopping, with 46 percent eating them as mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Pears are often considered best eaten fresh and just-sliced, making them a perfect partner for wholesome, simple snacking – think sliced pears atop whole-grain toast, wrapped with prosciutto, dipped in nut butters, or partnered with blue or aged, hard cheeses.


Busy lifestyles are here to stay, and adults are reaching for healthy snacks to fuel themselves and their families  orpear-cored
even replace meals, a pear’s juicy, subtle flavor pairs well with protein-filled nut butters or almonds and walnuts. And its gentle acidity is a bright match for richer companions, like cheese and cured meats.


Half of all eating occasions are now snack driven. According to a recent Mintel report on snacking, 94 percent of Americans snack at least once a day, compared to just 64 percent last year. Thirty-three percent say they are choosing healthier foods this year compared to last year, with an emphasis on simple ingredients. Millennials are leading the way, and are more likely than any other demographic to snack multiple times throughout the day.


Pears are a nutrient-dense, fat free food, an excellent source of fiber, and have vitamin C for only 100 calories per serving. Pear snacking is healthy and can help fill you up and keep you satisfied.


When the weather is warmer there will be a greater number of high-quality fruit at a “snackable” size – perfect for throwing in a lunchbox, purse or string bag on the way out the door.


Pears are a perfect partner for wholesome, simple snacks. Think outside the cracker box.

+ Slice pears atop whole-grain toast

+ Wrap pear slices in prosciutto

+ Pair pears with blue cheese, parmesan, or aged white cheddar

+ Dip pears into yogurt

+ Pack a pear with a small portion of nuts

+ Smear slices with almond or cashew butter

+ Sprinkle diced pears onto chia pudding

Portable, Packable, Pair-able Pears!

Pear and Almond Butter

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