A bowl of gilded pears adds glamour and sparkle to any table or occasion. Gold, copper, or silver gilded pears make fun and unusual placecards. And they are surprisingly easy to make.  
  • Pears. Any combination of Bosc, Red Anjou, Green Anjou, Seckel & Forelle
  • Gold, silver or copper leaf
  • Sizing
  • Small craft brush
  • Soft cloth
  • Wax paper

Gilding pears is surprisingly quick and easy. Use wax paper as your working surface so nothing sticks to your table top. Use the small brush to paint on the sizing (a glue-like substance). You can cover the pear completely with it, or paint on a random pattern.


Allow it to dry completely. Then place a sheet of the thin metallic leaf on the surface and rub it on with a soft cloth, or your fingers. You can rub some areas off for a random covering. We

like silver leaf on Green Anjou, copper leaf on Red Anjou and gold on everything.

Placecards. These fun placecards will stand up straight if you slice off the bottom of the gilded

pear to make a flat surface. Set it on a paper towel to absorb excess moisture for a couple of hours, or overnight. Attach the card with a beautiful pin, or a twig and some tape.


Gilding supplies are available at craft or art supply stores, and can come in a kit that contains

metal leaf and all the tools.


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