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Determine Pear Pressure
Select pear samples at random from different pallets to be conditioned. Take a pressure reading of the pears with a penetrometer, using the smaller, 8 mm tip. Take three pressure readings from each pear around the middle then log the average.

Condition Anjous, both red and green when 12 pounds and above. Condition Bartletts when 13 pounds and above. Click on this link to Download the Simple Steps for Condition Pears .pdf.

Check out this video about the proper way to use a penetrometer:

When ready to condition, move pears into the room and follow these simple steps:

Warm pears to an average pulp temperature of 65 degrees. Pears will not accept ethylene when their pulp temperatures are below 55 degrees.

Introduce ethylene into the ripening room at 100 ppm for a minimum of 24 hours. Note that fruit with high pressure such as early season or fruit just out of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage may need an additional 24 hours of ethylene.

Cool fruit down to slow ripening. Pears can be cooled to 32 degrees without any damage to the fruit.

Note that Anjou pears do not show a significant color change as they ripen.                             

To Download the USA Pears Handling Manual

Click here

 To Download the Simple Pear Ripening Chart

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